Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Sunshine Award? Wow!!

Picture it:  Sunday morning in Jaipur, India.  My family and I are staying in a proper hotel with lousy front desk staff.  We are all wiped out and completely exhausted from what was supposed to be a pleasant long weekend away visiting The Pink City, but instead turned into "Pass the stomach bug" between my 2 girls.  So Imagine my complete and utter surprise when I found out that Beth from SunnyGal Studio nominated me for a Sunshine Award!  My first blog award!  Boy did that make my weekend!  And boy did I need some sunshine!

So let me answer some questions:

Favorite Color: For clothes: teal green/turquoise.  For Accessories: Red (not together of course!) I have a red wallet, water bottle, purse, shoes, the list goes on

Favorite Animal:  don't have a favorite, but I really dislike bats!  (we had a bat flying around our apartment here once and I totally freaked out: I ran out of the room screaming (no joke) and left my girls to fend for themselves)

Favorite Number: 36.

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Chocolate Milkshake

Facebook or Twitter: Facebook

My Passion:  I had been searching for a while, and yes, it's definitely sewing.  Photography is 2nd place

Getting or Giving Presents:  This is tough.  I really like receiving presents, but the man in my life isn't so good at actually buying presents...know what I mean?  At Christmas time, I usually buy and wrap gifts for myself so I'll have something to open on Christmas Day.  So I guess my official answer should be giving presents.

Favorite Pattern:  McCalls 3830, my TNT straight skirt pattern.  The fit was fantastic, and the style is classic.

Favorite Day of the Week: Monday - back to school day!

Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lily (although the scent gives me a headache)

Favorite Celebrity Role Model:  Mother Teresa (I realize she's well-known because she was a role model, but that makes her more legit and worthy of awe)

My Sunshine Award Nominees:  After a quick look at some of my faves, I've noticed that there are a lot of blog awards going around, so I've chosen some that haven't received an award this week :)

These are blogs I read, enjoy, learn from, or just make me smile:

Cation Designs, who makes all kinds of gorgeous things (and for the record...I know what a cation is!)
Catherine from B School Studio who sews wonderful things and whose recent business trip to India left me smiling, laughing, and eagerly anticipating her next post.
Allison at Allison.C Sewing Gallery  who makes incredible dresses and pairs them with knockout shoes.
Andrea at Four Square Walls.  After seeing her colorblock dress, I had to follow her blog.


  1. Thank you for the award! You are too kind...and I'm glad you know what a cation is! Too many of my IRL friends are like, "What's a cation?" only they pronounce it like the end of the word "vacation."

    1. You are very welcome! Your Girl on Fire dress is just brilliant!

  2. Yay, thank you! I'm glad I bring sunshine to your blogroll. After the colorblock dress, I hope I can keep living up (sewing up?) to your expectations!

    1. Ha ha.. no worries: Inspired sewing knows no limits!

  3. Just discovered your blog from over at Cation Designs - off to have a peek around....

  4. Thank you Meigan, these awards are a great way to find new blogs. I bet you can get some amazing fabrics in India so I'll definitely be following you!


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