Monday, April 16, 2012

How Fabric Shopping made me think of "Back to the Future"

The life of an expat can be challenging, boring, fun, frustrating and a multitude of other conflicting emotions often occurring simultaneously.  Yesterday, I went into stress/panic mode when I found out that we may need to leave the country (for good) in days rather than months.  Skipping any boring details, I may find myself stateside very soon so...when the tough get stressed, the stressed STOCK UP!

A trip to my fabric zone was required.  I went to the ever dirty, dusty, crowded, sometimes odorous, hot, sticky, fantastically priced and fabulous area of Hyderabad known as General Bazar.  The last time I went was with a girlfriend, and her driver said to me "Madam, you are a true Hyderabadi.  In all of my years driving expats, no one has EVER asked to go to MG Road in Secunderabad (ie a very specific location in General Bazar)"  I really don't mind going off the beaten path, especially for great prices.

I spent about 3 hours and went to 4 shops.  My 6 bags looked innocent enough, but I came home with some serious loot:
6 Bags looked innocent enough

Colored Lace
White Lace
White Lace
More white lace

Fabulous black lace--I have plans for this!
Peacock Embroidered Patch
Large Paisley Embroidered Patch

Small Embroidered patches with mirror work (pardon the flash)

cotton: love this one!
More cottons
Indian motif cottons with matching poplin
Some Indian motifs and block printed cotton
cotton prints
More cotton prints
Clockwise from Top Left: Crepe, Satin, 2 cottons
Dull, boring, poplin and lining fabric
 That was just the fabric and lace.  This was my haul from my favorite "Tailoring Materials" shop owned by my favorite shop keeper, Mr. Prakash, whom I lovingly refer to as "the Zipper Guy".

Lots and lots of Buttons, Zippers, pins, machine needles and pinking shears

The total tally was a whopping 88 meters of fabric!  Seeing that number immediately sent a scene from "Back to the Future" through my head: when the time machine first disappears and Doc jumps up and down cheering: "What did I tell you?  88 MILES...PER...HOUR!!!

Yes it was heavy to carry, and yes I got fantastic deals.  Because I'm a geek, not only did I tally up the total meters, but I calculated the average price for those 88m.  Ready?  The average price per meter was $2.12!!  All of those 16" zippers:  $0.12 each!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Thank you India!


  1. Your Blog is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your sewing projects!

  2. Gotta love those zippers! Great little collection of buttons too!


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