Monday, October 8, 2012

I will NOT do a walk of shame: Purple Corduroy Jacket: Simplictiy 3628 (Project Runway)

Next up is a corduroy jacket made from Simplicity 3628. I will make view B (the purple version) minus the cuffs and pocket flaps (which don't hide real pockets-tisk tisk).

I cut a 14 at the shoulders and chest, grading out to a 16/18 at the waist and hip.  I only needed to add a little bit to each of the pieces thanks to the princess seams.

Here are some my muslin photos:

Side view

Things to tweak:
1.  Make the bicep bigger.  There was no way I'd get a long sleeve top on under this.  
2.  Take in the front princess seam from the waist down to the hip.  The muslin was sticking out and should have fallen straight down.
3.  Widen the side front piece next to the armhole.  There was a little bit of pulling and adding fabric to the front should get rid of that. 

4.  Make the side back slightly narrower next to the arm hole. There are wrinkles from the underarm up toward the shoulder removing some fabric should hopefully get rid of that.
5.  Swayback adjustment: remove some fabric from the back piece at the waistline.  

With my muslin made and tweaked I was ready to find some fabric.  I had some blue corduroy in the stash but I didn't have quite enough (there is a little foreshadowing here).  So I went to Joann's yesterday found some fine wale purple corduroy and foolish me, wound up not buying quite enough.  Part of it was operator error.  I knew I needed to cut 4 front pieces for the fronts and the facings, but I cut 2 and then thought I'd do the remaining 2 'later'.  Unfortunately I forgot about them when I laid out and cut out my last few pieces...and didn't have enough fabric left for those front facing pieces.  Aaack!!  I envisioned myself sneaking back into Joann's today with my head slung low, doing the walk of shame: because I didn't buy enough fabric.   Funny thing is that when I initially bought the fabric, I thought the bolt looked narrow (it was-it was only 42" wide), so I had her cut an extra 1/4 yard.  Sigh.  Next time I will add at least 1/2 yard.  So...what's a girl to do to avoid that walk of shame (not to mention the extra cost).  That's right.  I'm going to piece together the front facings.  I figure that where the seam will be, it won't be on display: it will be disguised among the button holes.  Even so, I hope it won't drive me nuts.

My pieced front facing

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  1. Nothing wrong with creative piecing. Looks like it will be a lovely jacket.


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