Monday, November 12, 2012

Kelly Green Knit Top: Butterick 5354

What makes this pattern great is the tucks around the neckline.   They radiate outward like the sun's rays.

It reminds me of the lovely yellow dress worn by the Queen of England at William & Kate's wedding.  See?


I had ordered some Jersey Knit from Fabric Mart and when it arrived I was wasn't what I had expected.  (This happens A LOT when I order fabric online--worthy of its own blog post).  It was rather thin and I had expected it to be somewhat cottony, but it was more like swimsuit material without the 4 way stretch and obvious spandex shininess.  It's no longer available at Fabric Mart so I can't find out what the actual fabric content is, but I'm going to guess and call it a polyester single knit.  

Enough of the fabric complaints!  Lets get onto the Finished Object Cheering!

First of all, I LOVE the color.  My photos don't quite capture it.  It is more of a rich Kelly Green.  Here is a detail of the neckline:  
The pattern uses a front facing which had absolutely no way or hope of staying down and hidden on its own. So I stitched in the ditch at the front pleats to keep it down.  This worked well.  

I cut a size 14 in the pattern.  The finished bust measurement was 40" so there would be plenty of room.  I made the sleeves a tiny bit wider (about size 16) at the upper arm, so there wouldn't be any unsightly stretch wrinkles at the bicep.  Once it was assembled, I decided to give the top more shape and take out a small amount at the waistline ~1cm.  

I love how this top came out, and it went from my sewing machine, right onto my body, and out to dinner.  :)

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  1. I've made this, too. Yours looks very nice! I had the facing issue and tacked it down by hand on the inside. My fabric was a stretch woven and it worked well in that. I hope to make it in ponte soon.


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