Friday, January 25, 2013

Plans for 2013

I did very well on my 2012 Goals.   Here's the recap:

  1. Move back to the US  CHECK!
  2. Buy a Serger & learn to use it.  CHECK!
  3. Make knits: tops, skirts, dresses  CHECK (well, tops anyway)!
  4. Make a jacket from the lovely caramel colored corduroy I bought in Thailand CLOSE ENOUGH! I made a purple corduroy jacket instead.  
  5. Wear some of the things I have made but not worn (note I wore one of those yesterday!!) So So...
  6. Write more blog posts, even if they are only short and sweet ones This will be a repeat goal for 2013 :)

This year's goals:

  1. Finish my  3 4 Craftsy Courses: Pant Fitting Techniques, Sewing with Knits, the Couture Dress, and The Sewing Studio
  2. Make Pants (that's the American definition of the word, not the British!)
  3. Blog more
  4. Use more of my patterns and resist those super pattern sales at JoAnns/Hancock Fabrics.
  5. Learn to knit something more difficult than a scarf 
That seems like a good start.  Bring on the New Year! (belated)

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