Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Map Yourself!

In case you haven't seen this, Vicki over at Another Sewing Scientist has set up a Google Map where Sewing enthusiasts and bloggers can mark their worldwide location in order to facilitate in person meetups.  Cool idea!  I have often wondered if there were other sewing bloggers who live near me.

So this is how it works (I have copied Vicki's instructions)

     Here's how to participate:
  • Open this link to get to Map the Sewintists
  • Click on the red Edit button on the left (my note: you need to be logged in to Google to see this)
  • Click on the blue pin on the upper left of the map
  • Click on your location to drop the pin
  • A box will open that will allow you to add your name or blog URL in rich text 
  • Save et voilà!  

     I would strongly advise people to only pin their general location or closest city, since we don`t 
     want creepers peeping in our windows while we sew in our unders, do we?

So if you're yourself!!

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