Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What's Happening Today and a Series of Goofs

These are my favorite 8 seconds from this whole movie (16 Candles):

Yes, it's my birthday, and tomorrow starts Me(igan)-Made-May.  I have been sewing, but haven't taken any photos so no blog posts.   I'm working on it.

I've been plagued by a comedy of errors, meaning that I have done some really stupid things and I can't explain how I did them all.

Oops #1:
I have been working on my "Pants Fitting Techniques" Craftsy course, and have made my first muslin.  For some unknown reason, I added a 1" seam allowance to the side seams of the pants (Vogue 2948). already has a 5/8" seam allowance...why on earth did I assume there wasn't any??  Needless to say Muslin #1 was gigantic.  

Oops #2:
I made a Simplicity 4589 (OOP and not on Simplicity site any more) in a cobalt blue Rayon/Poly blend.

 I had just enough to squeak out the pattern, there are only shreds leftover.  I cut out the pieces back when my machine was in the shop for repairs.  When assembling it, my sleeve didn't fit the opening, like not even close.  I check PR to see if there was some sort of drafting error, but no.  No one mentioned anything like that.  So I went back and walked the seams, and there was no way it would work.  I pulled out the pattern pieces and ...(Hand smacking forehead) I had cut out the sleeves for the square neck version, not the round neck version.  Completely my mistake.  There was absolutely no more fabric to re-cut the sleeves, so I made it sleeveless.  The top doesn't cover my bra straps at all. I will never ever wear this alone, and if I do, it will be under a cardigan.  

But wait there's more!  Oops #3:
I was looking at some of my recent fabric purchases and decided I really needed to use one in particular.  It was an ITY knit from Gorgeous Fabrics (my first purchase from them!).  I had originally planned on making a wrap dress with it, but came to the realization that I really don't wear dresses much.  Making a skirt and top from it would be better and I could mix and match them with some other things.  Decision made: first up, a skirt from New Look 6735 (a PR "Best of 2008" pattern).  
With only 2 pattern pieces, it was an easy make.  When cutting the elastic for the waistband, I measured around myself rather than using the elastic guide.  Smart right?  Then I used a 3-step zig-zag to sew the elastic to the waist, serged the raw edge to the edge of the elastic, turned and topsitched it all down.  I put it on and...Gigantic!  What on earth happened?  I had to stretch the elastic when sewing it down, but did it not recover and shrink back to size??  So I spent a bit of time (2 TV shows) with the seam ripper, ripping out the topstitching, serging, and triple zig-zag (so much stitching!!)  I was tempted to chop it off, but decided against it.  So today will be spent figuring out what happened, and fixing it.  Why on EARTH didn't I try it on before doing all of that sewing???

Now I'm older and wiser, and will hopefully learn from my goofs.


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