Friday, September 5, 2014

Because Koalas are really cute

I've thought of making a padded strap for my camera for quite a while.  However, it never made it to the top of the priority list and was always forgotten until I put my rough, scratchy camera strap around my neck.  A few weeks ago we had friends from Australia (whom we met in India) visiting us and we took them to our local tourist "must see": Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.  It is a beautiful place, on beautiful grounds, with a beautiful get the picture.  My neck was very irritated after schlepping my camera around Monticello and I knew I'd be making a padded strap as soon I possibly could.  My Aussie friends had just given me some very cool Australian themed fat quarters and the light bulb went off!  Use the cute koala fabric to make the padded strap! 

So here it is! 

Adorable right?  I used this tutorial for a loose guideline.  I did take the tutorial's advice and make a little pocket for the lens cap at one end of the strap.  In hindsight, I should have measured the size of my lens cap first...the pocket is a little snug.  Oh well.  My neck is happy, koalas are cute, and I get to think about my friends every time I use my camera.  Win-win-win!



  1. Perfect use of the fabric, it's so cute

  2. Oh it IS so cute. And as an Australian, I am glad you didn't say koala bear! They are marsupials and not bears (obviously you knew that). Oh and I think the pocket being a bit tight is probably a good thing so you don't loose the cap.


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