Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jalie 2449: Crossover top

I have been getting the vibe that we in the Eastern US are going to have a bad and cold winter.  I live in central Virginia and some leaves have been changing for weeks which is way too early for me. 

In preparation for some colder weather...I made a new top!  It's Jalie 2449, the crossover top.
Here it is: 

I cut a size V, grading up to a W at the hip and widening the sleeves to an X at the bicep.  I also made a narrow back adjustment and extended the sleeves to be full length.
I chose to make the asymmetrical hem and did not cut off the under layer of fabric as the instructions suggest.  I kept it full length and just cut off the part that stuck out.  I didn't want any loose fabric rolling or curling up while being worn.  When hemming, I began by basting the 2 layers together with a zig-zag stitch.  I then used steam-a-seam and finished with a cover-stitch. 
This was a simple top to construct with no issues.  I bought the fabric at (gasp) JoAnn.  I think the lighter blue is a rayon jersey, and I think the dark blue is a poly jersey.  I always forget to look at the end of the bolt for fabric content. 
It should be noted that the neck band does not continue around the back of the neck, it stops at the shoulder seams.  The back neckline is simply folded over and topstitched.  While that certainly works, next time I may extend the neck bands to cover the back neck as well. 
In terms of fit, I could use a little more room in the sleeve and across the bust.  I think the depth of the V neckline is just fine.  This is yet another nice pattern from Jalie. 



  1. Nice top! I have yet to sew a Jalie top, but this looks like a good one. I am always a fan of the crossover.

  2. Love your top! I find crossover's very flattering. Jalie is a fav of mine too ;-)

  3. Very nice! I like the wider contrasting band.


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