Thursday, April 27, 2017

What doesn't kill you may make you stronger, but it definitely tires you out

(Friends, I started writing this post in November, now it is almost May and I had completely forgotten about it.  For the sake of posterity, I will post it in its unfinished form--clearly my title was spot on!)

The PR Sewing Bee is over.  I was not the winner, and I was pretty down about it.  I knew after the 4th round entries were posted, I had some real competition, but I also felt that I was one of the top contenders.  Sigh.  Needless to say after 6 weeks of mad sewing (and in the case of Round #3, angry sewing) I was completely wiped out.   

Now that my Bee recovery is over and Halloween costumes are done, I can revisit my Round #4 entries.

The challenge was to make a Day to Night Outfit.  I made a lined jacket, a lined sheath dress, and a sequined bolero.

I used Butterick 5147 Lifestyle Wardrobe pattern for the jacket and dress.


  1. that dress is really sharp, looks great on you and the sequin bolero is such a good idea to dress it up. love it.

  2. So nice to see you back again! I was too new to PR to vote in that challenge, but I was pulling for you every inch of the way. Thanks for profiling what you went through with that pattern... as a new sewing enthusiast, I often felt it was my lack of skills that impacted my early projects- so depressing- but I learned determined optimism from a number of blog owners, so thank YOU. I appreciate the way you write and the projects you choose. I am working up my own courage to comment on blogs to make sure those of you out here sharing know we do read and do learn from what you share. Looking for your renewed energy and projects.


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