Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Jalie Loulouxe: Business in the front, Party in the back!

When Jalie released their most recent set of 13 patterns, I was SO excited I basically said "Jalie, take my money!" (and I don't go crazy on patterns).  I was able to restrain myself and only bought 4 new ones: Pika-sports bra and top, Gigi Bikinis, Loulouxe-skort, and Valerie-rash guards

I hesitated about purchasing the Valerie rash guard pattern since I have already modified the Jalie 3245 raglan tee to be used as a swim shirt.  What eventually convinced me to buy the Valerie was the color blocking opportunities and side panels.  Why make more work for myself in changing my own pattern when the fabulous ladies at Jalie have done it for me?

First up from the new patterns was the Loulouxe.  I joined a tennis team (beginner level) last fall and have been making tennis skirts using Jalie 2796 with altered pockets to fit tennis balls.  I love the flounce on the back of the Loulouxe, it is so swingy and it hangs beautifully.  My first version was made with an aqua activewear knit from Fabric Mart.

The seaming on the Loulouxe doesn't allow for ball pockets on the sides of the skirt, so I improvised:

I made ball pockets using Kwik Sew pattern 3341 View B (shorts):
I compared the location of the pockets on the KS shorts and transferred that location to the shorts of the Loulouxe.  They work well!

My next version was made with a peacock print spandex from 


To conserve fabric and to play up the tail-feathers aspect of my fabric, I made the front of the skirt black and kept the pattern on the sides and back.  

Flashback to the 80's:
This skirt is "Business in the front...."

"Party in the back!" 

One odd thing I noticed about the Loulouxe instructions was the final assembly which was different from the Jalie #2796 Multi-sport skort assembly.  The method for the Loulouxe would create an exposed seam next to your skin between the waistband and the shorts.  The multi-sport skort keeps that exposed seam between the shorts and the skort, and off of your skin.  I prefer the multi-sport way, so that's what I did.

I took some screen captures of the instructions for both, and you can compare at your leisure.

Pdf instructions are available on the Jalie website, here are the links:

While I think the Loulouxe assembly is simpler, the Multi-sport Skort instructions create a nicer finished product.  All in all the Loulouxe is a fantastic little skort!!


  1. Ooh I'd be curious how these wear with your fabric. I made a skort from a Kwik Sew pattern which I loved in theory. But when I wore it for a 5k, holy thigh friction! The fabric obviously wasn't right. I've wanted to remake them but am unsure of what fabric to use.

    1. I think for running, the shorts need to be tight, otherwise they slide around and (in your wise words) "holy thigh friction!"

  2. So glad to know about the construction difference! I haven't even opened my Loulouxe up yet, but the multi sport skirt looks like a much better approach.

    Also: that peacock fabric is super dang cute, and both of your skorts look awesome!

  3. I am copying every single thing about the last version!


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