Monday, June 6, 2011

New Look 6407: A learning process

Lets start by saying that I like how this blouse looks from the front.  I made View E with the short sleeves and mandarin collar.  The back view, however, is a different story.  There are a lot of wrinkles…lots.  Once I figured out how to (sort of) fix some, I still had others.  After much research, (unfortunately after I got the blouse all assembled), I believe that not only do I have a sway back, but an erect upper back as well.  It seemed like there was just too much fabric between the shoulders and up to the collar.  I also think that I should lower the arm scythe a little since it seems like that might get rid of some of those underarm wrinkles I see on the side front. 


Here’s what I did to try and fix my issues:
  • I raised the shoulder seam only on the back piece. 
  • Let out the back waist darts, and side seam from the waistline down
  • Extended the back darts to go higher up between my shoulders
  • Sewed the back of the sleeves with a much larger seam allowance on the back piece
Now, it is wearable but not perfect.  Next time:
  • Consult this super blog entry and do a proper muslin (no shortcuts) with  a swayback and erect upper back adjustment.
  • If the first muslin isn’t great, I will do another one!!
  • Lower the armscythe.  I will start with ½” and see how that is. (I will not forget to adjust the sleeve as well, so that it fits!)

I like the look of this blouse, I will try it again, and it WILL come out BETTER next time.  Sewing is a learning process after all.  I need to concentrate on the process rather than getting so excited about a finished product.  

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