Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Finished Object: Birthday Skirt for my Eldest!

Yay!  I finished this skirt DAYS before her birthday (rather than hours!).  Hooray!  C loves twirly skirts and has a few in her wardrobe already , so I thought I'd maker her a new one for her birthday.  I had some purple polka dot cotton in my stash and knew it would be perfect to go with her assortment of purple Ts.  I decided to draft my own skirt, with each tier being 1.5x the length of the tier above.

I wanted the skirt to be 18" long with 4 tiers.  So 18"/4= 4.5" finished tier height
Her hip measurement was 24".

The first tier would be 24" x 1.5 = 36" long.  Since the first tier would need a waistband, I added 2" to the height  to accommodate a waistband on the top and seam allowance on the bottom.  So Tier #1 was 4.5"+2"= 6.5" high by 36" long

2nd tier was 36"x1.5= 54" long and 5.5" high (no need for a waistband, only seam allowances so 4.5"+1"=5.5')

3rd tier was 54"x1.5=81" long and also 5.5" high

4th tier was 81"x1.5= 122" long and since a bottom hem would be needed I added 2" to the finished height (so 4.5"+2"=6.5")

I started at the top and gathered each tier and then sewed them on, until all four tiers were gathered and sewn.

Since my fabric was slightly see-through, I added a lining whose width matched the first tier (36" wide) and made it slightly shorter than the skirt length.  I attached the lining to the skirt by sandwiching it between the fabric where I folded the waistband over.  In this way there wouldn't be extra layers of lining fabric inside the waistband.  
I think it turned out very cute and I'm sure the birthday girl will love it!

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