Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello My Lovelies, Welcome to my Stash!

I went grocery shopping the other day and afterwards popped upstairs to the new shop that sells sarees, dress materials, jewellery and more.  I went in looking for an inexpensive saree to cut up and make a new pool coverup.  I came out with that, and so much MORE!!  I bought 3 sarees (yes, 3) and 4 sets of crepe dress materials: 2 coordinating fabrics (2.5m each) and a chiffon scarf/dupatta/chunni/stole--whatever you want to call it)

Lets discuss:
Set #1 caught my eye while I was looking at sarees:
Brown and purple:  Ovals and Pixy Stix designs:

Next: Turquoise blue leaf print with coordinating diagonal stripe:

Next: An Un-Indian subtle beige/seafoam green/coral print with a plain (gasp!) coordinating fabric:

The one that made me say "OH! I love this!":
Let's not forget that I did buy what I came in for: sarees.
  • The first was a bright pink with a navy squiggle pattern all over.
  • Next was a coral and maroon print
  • The last one I picked out had an allover print in beige and wedgewood blue.  Once I got it home, it wasn't beige, but more of a celery color.  This one might turn into a gift.

So did I go a little bit overboard?  Maybe.  In my defense I have already made my pool coverup from the turquoise diagonal print, and I have plans for a skirt made from the brown and purple "Pixy Stix" fabric.  So I may had added some bulk to my stash, but I'm hoping they won't stick around for long.  :)

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