Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Zippered Pouches: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the idea to make zippered pouches, but I know it was sometime last spring when I was just starting to explore sewing blogs.  There are a shocking number of makeup bag tutorials out there, but this one is my favorite:

Oh---I just remembered-- I wanted a zippered pouch to carry my phone in when I go to the bus stop in the afternoons.  There was a time when I kept dropping it on the road (literally over and over) and knew that one day it would just smash or simply stop working: hence I needed a zippered pouch (wearing something with pockets is simply asking too much).

Over the past year I have made dozens of these bags, many of which I have given as gifts to friends.  I have tweaked Liesl's small bag template to be 2" taller, and I usually add a strap to one side.  I use these for, yes, carrying my phone to the bus stop, and for cosmetics when I travel, and I have even made some fancy ones, that I use as a purse when I need a fancy bag.

Here is my current collection (the butterfly and orange pouches were made with a free pattern from McCalls):

Here is my latest version:

Here you can see the lining fabric (so cute!):

These are great to give as gifts or to help (har har) organize my kids drawing supplies.  They are also very addictive to make and are good for your quick gratification needs (sewing needs, I mean)  ;)

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