Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Infinity Scarves

Infinity Scarves: they're fast, they're easy, they look great, and they help use up chunks of my stash.

The first one I made was this lovely satin:

and the 2nd which I made from leftover fabric from this top:

I thought I'd share how easy it is to make one of these babies:
  • Cut fabric.  I cut mine about 58"x14" or (1.5m x 35cm) Just a note: I can wrap this around my neck 3 times!
  • With wrong sides together, sew the long side
  • Reach through the tube you just made and bring the far end through the tube, careful not to twist it. (If you do twist it...its really no big deal) 
    • Line up the ends of the tube (making sure that the wrong sides are together and sew around the tube leaving a few inches open so you can turn it right side out

    • Turn right side out
    • Slip stitch opening closed.

    That's it!!

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