Monday, January 16, 2012

Could it be? Bad Posture? Eeek!

 I've been having some neck problems lately.   It started a week before Christmas with a stiff neck.  We went on vacation to this (pictured below) amazingly beautiful place and my stiff neck didn't go away.  (Here I will insert a small rant about hotels only having feather pillows which are ridiculously uncomfortable for me).
That's my little head at the edge of the infinity pool :)

The day after we returned home, my neck was worse, and I had extreme numbness in my right thumb and index finger.  Uh oh...that's a pinched nerve.  I called a physiotherapist (they make house calls here in India), who, upon his arrival, immediately told me that I wasn't standing up straight:  "Shoulders back like this! Head back a bit.  There!  That's how you should stand."  Me: "But...that feels so...unnatural!!" I have been hunched over so long that slouched shoulders and a forward leaning head was normal.  Darn computer work!  Anyway he helped stretch my neck, and referred me to an orthopedic spinal specialist.  After looking at my x-rays it was clear that I had a pinched disc in my neck which was causing the pain and numbness in my hand and arm.  I had a few more physio treatments and went in for an MRI (which is really NOT enjoyable btw).  The MRI showed not one but 3 bulging discs in my neck and one in my lower back (which thankfully isn't causing any problems-now).  All because I've been hunched over.  

Then I got to thinking about sewing, and my fit problems I had with New Look 6407 in particular.  Could it be?  Could those 'sloping shoulders' be fixed with (gasp) good posture?  Could my blouse fitting become easier?  Could my neck and hand feel better?  All with good posture?  Could I avoid future neck surgery?  Mind blowing.  

So stand up straight ladies, it helps everything!

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