Friday, January 6, 2012

Year in Review: It's all good

I have been reading through a number of bloggers' year end summaries, and I knew it was time to add mine to the mix.  Yes, it is a bit late, but I started my New Year's diet on December 27th, so it all evens out.

The Tally:
Dresses: 9 (including 2 costumes for girls)
Tops: 17
Skirts: 20
Pants: 3
Shorts: 1
Total: 50!! WOW!  I did not expect to have that many! 

Things for the girls: 11 (2 costumes, 4 dresses, 3 skirts,  1 top and 1 pant)
Self Drafted:  8 (Tiered skirt, 2 pink skirts, 1 wrap skirt, 1 men's kurta, salwar & kameez)

Most used patterns: 
Simplicity 2594: made 3 times

McCalls 3830: Made 3 times.  The blue stretch denim is my favorite and is probably the item I have worn the most.

Butterick 4895 (OOP): made 3 times (note to self: untuck white T when wearing pink paisley skirt)

Colette Sorbetto: made 3 times:  (I took the 2 rightmost photos within minutes of each looks like I am a twin-creepy!)

Items made, but NOT worn: 7 (includes the salwar & kameez that I specifically made for my youngest to wear on India Day)

Unfinished Projects: 1 dress, 1 blouse
Wadders: 2 (not included in tally)
Fails: 1 (it was a blouse but I couldn't get my arms into the sleeves.  :(

I have no comment on the amount of fabric purchased, nor do I care to add up the total yardage.  It still fits in my fabric closet with no problems, so I'm ok :)  All in all, I'd say 2011 was a great sewing year-the year my mojo kicked into high gear from a long rest.  

So goals for 2012:
1.  Move back to the US
2.  Buy a Serger & learn to use it.
3.  Make knits: tops, skirts, dresses
4.  Make a jacket from the lovely caramel colored corduroy I bought in Thailand
5.  Wear some of the things I have made but not worn (note I wore one of those yesterday!!)
6.  Write more blog posts, even if they are only short and sweet ones 

That's about it.  Bring on the New Year!!

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  1. I've also recommenced sewing after a long hiatus. I'm still reviewing sewing books in order to remember what I forgot. :)

    Your "twin-creepy" comment made me laugh.



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