Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not on the Vintage Bandwagon

There seems to be a huge interest in vintage fashions these days.  I, however, don't get excited by it.  I feel like I'm in the minority.

Are the dresses the ladies on Mad Men really feminine?  Yes.  Do they look nice?  Yes.  Can I picture myself wearing something like that?  Is it my style?  Nope.  Would I spend my sewing time whipping up something Mad Men-esque?  Unlikely.

So I will remain true to myself.  If anyone else feels the way I do...give me a shout! I'd love to know that there's someone keeping me company on the Non-Vintage Bandwagon.  :)


  1. Hey I feel exactly the same way - about 50s and 60s fashion at least. Those tight dresses look so darn uncomfortable.

  2. I am not "into" vintage unless you count the '70s. Just because the proverbial "everyone else" is doing it, doesn't make it work for me!

  3. Well, honestly, I do love the dresses. BUT...1. I do not have the figure for them. 2. I work from home, mostly in sweats and a tee, don't go out much, and don't see myself wearing those to sit here at my computer and design websites, or to the grocery store. I guess I am just too old. Seems to be all the rage on the blogs though. Do they
    really wear those styles out? I have never seen anyone wear them, the young people I see out are all in jeans. I can't see sewing something I cannot wear.

  4. I'm not on the bandwagon because honestly, they all look like costumes to me. Lovely, well-made costumes, of course, but it is so not my style.


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