Thursday, February 23, 2012

Singapore: Spotlight

I'm in Singapore for a few days, and during a moment of pleasantness from one of the worst travel companions ever (my 5 year old), I was able to pop into Spotlight to check out the fabrics.  Lots of pretty things...pretty high price tags too.  I was not tempted to part with any of my money for fabric, but did pick up a magnetic seam guide for 5 S$.  It's official, I'm spoiled.  Lots of the pretty fabrics I saw were...can you guess?  Yup...made in India!  Some of them were in the 15 S$ a meter range and I know I have seen them in India for about $2.50 or less.

I may take a trip to Malin Textiles to check out the Japanese cottons, but if the selection at Spotlight was any indication...I will probably be too cheap to purchase any.  It will also depend on the aforementioned traveling companion to see if said trip will even take place.

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  1. Maybe try the Arab sector? Either way, don't forget to just enjoy (little companion permitting).


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