Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lots of Sewing, not much blogging

I am still here and I did survive my trip to Singapore alone with my 2 girls.  When I emailed my mom about how miserable my youngest was on this trip she replied "Taking the two by yourself is beyond courageous, closer to lunacy I’d say." Wow.  My mom, who at one time had 3 kids under 3 and a half years old and used to schlep us everywhere, thought I was a lunatic.  Yikes.  

Anyway, I've done quite a bit of sewing, but not blogging. It's the photos that are slowing me down.  First there is Simplicity 2424 back before Christmas that I made in a light green paisley print.  A New Look 6899 circle skirt made from a saree.  Another Sorbetto (#4) to match the circle skirt.  An amazingly well fitting pair of stretch linen pants.  And 2 versions (yes, already) of Simplicity 2588, one in pink linen and one in lightweight denim.  Maybe I should take some photos before starting on the next thing.  

I can also blame a bit of the radio/blog silence on the fact that I had LASIK surgery last Wednesday on both eyes. I must's AMAZING!  Within 20 minutes of the procedure being over, I could read 90% of the eye chart.  The following day...I was 20/20.  I still find myself reaching for my clock in the middle of the night and bringing it within inches of my face, as well as reaching for my glasses when I first wake up, but old habits die hard right?


  1. Lunatic? Maybe. Jealous? Possibly. Maybe you could ask her where that comment came from.

  2. It does take courage to take two small children on a plane and it sounds like you did well. I hope you get pictures up of some of the garments you mentioned, especially the sari skirt.


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