Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lots of Sewing...need to catch up on Blogging

I've been sewing like crazy...and am very behind on blogging.

A quick list of recent finished objects:

1.  Pink knit long sleeve T for my daughter: Simplicity 1785
2.  Matching pink knit leggings: Simplicity 1785
3.  Refashioned Dress from a Sweater for eldest daughter: no pattern
4. Pink striped blouse for me: Vogue 8747
5. Dark Rose long sleeve knit tee: Vogue 8323
6. Blue Long sleeve cross over tee: Vogue 8536
7. Green knit Long sleeve Tee: Butterick 5354

This Sewing Santa also has more items on the cutting board, but has to wait until a school day to get working on them.

Now that my list is out there and everyone knows I have been busy sewing, maybe I'll get my act together and get some blog posts written!

On a side note...Happy Armistice Day or Happy Veteran's Day to all!

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