Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Look 6940: A Bust at the Bust

I had high hopes for this little top.  It was going to use up some leftover knit fabric and give me a new top to wear on vacation.  Well, it used up the fabric, but that's it.  I'm counting this as a fail.  :(

I cut a size 14 which was fine.  I had planned on eliminating the CB seam, but after I cut it out, I realized that I forgot to place the pattern piece on the fold to take out the seam allowance at the back, (DOH!). So I had no choice but to add the CB seam back in. 

I read lots of reviews on and following the advice of this one, I decided on doing a quasi-FBA to make sure the under bust seam actually fell under my bust.  It worked out, but....

I didn't make the covered fabric loop any longer.  DOH!  So the gathers looked like a big bow across my chest.  I ripped out the fabric loop, made it longer, and loosened the gathers, hoping that it would help.  Not really:

This is not the style for me.  I don't think the baby pink color was doing me any favors either.  Perhaps a heavier and/or printed fabric would have looked better. I'm going to chalk this one up to experience and call it a loss.  I didn't even bother with any hemming.  

Maybe one day I'll try one of the front twist versions.  But maybe not.  I have been known to hold a grudge.


  1. How annoying that the pattern was a dud for you. I hope the next one works out better. Surely the grudge should stick to that version of the pattern and let you try another one? ;)

    1. Time will tell if I ever make the other version. It's not like I don't have other patterns I could try :)


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