Saturday, August 31, 2013

Coat Muslin #2

I have been plugging away at my coat muslin.  This is muslin #2:

Much better fit across the back! 

Now lets try out the collar:
Not loving it

The collar was a bit too big.  It was coming close to the sleeve seams!  
Want to see my goof?  Of course you do.  It's good laugh at ourselves...
Yup!  I sewed the under collar onto the wrong side of the fabric so the seam allowances are on the outside!  Oops!  Note to self: Don't do that on the real version!

So I redrew 2 versions of the collar.  One was a smaller curved version and the other was a squared off collar like I found on this J. Crew coat (swoon) which is VERY similar to my Simplicity 2057! 

from J.Crew

This is what the 2 collars looked like on me.  On your left is the round one and on your right is the squared version.  Yes I did another goof and cut out the squared collar on the wrong side of the fabric...but it's for educational purposes only, so it's perfectly fine!

I marked the seam lines in chalk so I could see the finished size and shape of the collar.  I've decided on the curved collar.  This coat is pretty structured and has lots of straight seam lines and I think the rounded collar will soften up the overall look.  I then redrew the under collar 3/8" narrower than the upper collar along the outside edges tapering down to 1/4" narrower along the front curve tapering down to nothing about 1.5" from the neckline seam.  

I preshrunk my fabric using Pam at Off The Cuff ~Sewing Style's tutorial.  I followed her advice and got 2 bath towels wet with hot water, and threw them and my fabric into the dryer.  I set the dryer on High Heat and put it on for 40 minutes.  I then pulled out my fabric (I was worried it would be wet, but wasn't) and laid it out flat to cool off. I ready to cut out my pattern FOR REAL???

Thank you for your kind comments and words of encouragement.  Already this has been difficult for me.  I mean, a second muslin??  That's uncharted territory for me.  The few times I have made one at all, it has been, I admit, somewhat half-assed.  But I have been strong...and have been forcing myself to do it right! (even if it's really really hard!)

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