Sunday, September 8, 2013

Size is a line on a pattern...

A funny thing happened when I checked my blog stats this morning.  I discovered TONS of hits from a non-sketchy (yay!) source.  It was an online article from the Australian site Daily Life entitled "Could sewing your own clothes boost your body confidence?" Lo and behold I was quoted in it!

My quote was taken from a comment I made on Kelli from True Bias's post back in March entitled "Sewing and Body Issues"  In her post, Kelli talks about her new shape post-baby and how she didn't save a piece of nice fabric for a time when her body was slimmer, but used it now, embracing her worth regardless of size.  In her words:  "I think that I deserve to look great now, and sewing is a gift I have been given that allows me to dress my body, no matter what size I currently am."

My comment was:  "The more I sew, the more I realize that size is just a line to cut out on a pattern. Without fit and flattery, size is meaningless."

So...Carpe Diem! and Sew for Today!!


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