Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love is All Around: Tania Culottes

When the first wave of Megan Nielsen's Tania Culottes was making its way around the blogosphere, it was love at first sight.  I looked at them and instantly I knew: that is something that I would wear and something that is totally me!  When I went in search of an online supplier I was frequently accosted with "Sold Outs", or "Available in July".  July?  I...must...have...those...CULOTTES!

My patience paid off and I bought them from We Sew Retro.  They were shipped out on July 11th and they came with the cutest little note card:
Seriously, how cute is that?

I used a rayon challis from Fabric Mart with lovely drape.  Look who else made something gorgeous from this same fabric:  Marrie from Purls and Pleats!  It doesn't seem like they have any more in stock...sorry!

A little about this pattern.  There are only 4 pieces and the construction is very simple with an invisible side zip.  I added 3" to the length and was able to cut an XL out of 2 yards of 56" fabric.  That being said, there were only small scraps leftover.  Other than the added length, I made no changes.  I could have/should have taken the waist in a tiny bit, but since I typically don't tuck my shirts in, it's fine.

Before hemming, I let the culottes hang for 3 days so that the bias would stretch out.  Trying to get a straight hem on a circle skirt (or culottes) is not the easiest thing.  Since I didn't have any helpers around, I tried something new:  I used my new laser level (this one)!  I stuck it to the metal leg of my cutting table and aimed it at my culottes which were carefully clipped to a drawer.  I pinned along the laser line on both the front and back.  I pinned the back to be slightly longer since the back of the culottes need to hang over my curvy bits.  ;)

Laser Level marking my hemline!
Once pinned, I carefully cut off the long portions and proceeded to follow the directions for hemming.  It suggests sewing 1/4" from the raw edge and then turning up the 1/4" along the stitching, pressing it flat, and then turning and pressing again.  The rayon challis pressed beautifully and this method worked really well.  I would recommend using a fabric that will press well otherwise you will have a nightmare trying to hem these neatly.

So here it is:

Ta Da!
Definitely not a skirt!
A Circle!  Love is all around!
Back view
Tania Culottes...SWOON!

I had a some trouble with my camera's remote control as you can witness here:

Remote control issues aside, let me say that I LOVE THESE CULOTTES!


  1. Very cute culottes. I am impressed with your hem levelling method. I can identify with your remote control issues. I have the same problem. Very hard to have the desired expression on your face when the stupid remote finally does work Ha Ha.

    1. Thanks! I don't remember where I first read about using a laser level like that but I knew that it would work well since I don't have any fitting buddies.

  2. My 12yo son takes my photos, and I still get funny shots like that, hehe.

    Anyway, the culottes are perfect in that they don't look like any of the culottes I can remember people wearing. These are a reformed culotte (: and very pretty.

    Love that you used a laser level.

  3. When my kids take photos, I look really tall because the camera angle is so low. If my husband takes them, I look like a shrimp. I prefer the tripod, issues and all. :)

  4. I just finished sewing this pattern and was looking at reviews. I always like the patterns you choose so I clicked over to your blog. Great culottes. Very pretty fabric. And I had a good laugh at your camera issues. I think taking blog photos is more difficult ham sewing :). Ok. Off to see your newer posts and what you have been sewing


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