Monday, August 12, 2013

But Wait, there's Mor-Orange!

The biggest drawback with purchasing fabric online has to be that you can't see or feel the fabric before buying it.  I am certainly not the only person who has raised their eyebrows when opening their fabric package.  My problem seems to be that I keep buying what turns out to be orange knits.  Online retailers seem to be very creative in their descriptions, I have purchased "Pastel Tangerine" and "Salmon Orange" and "Dark Orange".  Guess what?  The "pastel tangerine" and "salmon orange" are only ORANGE.  There's no pastel or salmon involved in either of them.  Ack!  You may be wondering about the "Dark Orange" well, it is darker, but mostly, it's ORANGE!  I mean orange like Virginia Cavaliers Orange or Syracuse Orangemen orange
UVA (where I live now)
Syracuse University (near where I grew up)

So...Meigan what have you done with all of this orange knit?  Returned it like a normal person?  No?  Oh...  Do tell....

The first thing I made was a wearable muslin of Kwik Sew 3341 from the Pastel Tangerine (Blogged here)
Not very pastel is it?
Then I used more of it for the shorts underneath my second version of KS3341 (blogged here)
Not pastel, but also not seen!
Which brings me to a later purchase of the Salmon Orange Jersey knit.  I pulled up the photo on the webside and did a side by side comparison of the two:

Yeah, it's not even close.  I sent an email to Denver Fabrics wondering if they sent me the wrong one, but they didn't respond (grrr...)  It was so cheap I didn't think it would be worth spending money on postage to return it.  So I made another trial garment.  I used the Maria Denmark Kimono Tee pattern.  (Free pattern download Here).  The pattern worked out ok.  I'm pretty sure I cut a medium tapering to a large at the hip.  I think the jersey was a little thick and may look nicer in a floppier knit.  The strange thing about this tee shirt is that I have worn it several times since I finished it.   

Maybe the online fabric market has a sinister plan to infiltrate my wardrobe with orange, or maybe the Universe is trying to prevent some freak hunting accident by having me wear orange all the time.  In any case, that's not all of my orange.

In a desperate need to sew something (anything!), I pulled out the Dark Orange Jersey and made Simplicity 2766, only with short sleeves slightly gathered at the hem.

I'm not happy with the sleeves, but that could be cast-off unhappiness coming from my feelings toward all of the orange.  Since I have leftover fabric (of course) I may replace the short sleeves with long.  Maybe if I distribute some of orange across more seasons, it won't feel like quite so much.  

In closing, I, Meigan, will not be purchasing any Orange, Orange Sherbet, Orange Spice, Orange Crush, Light Orange, Pastel Orange, Orange Rust, Tangerine, Kumquat, Papaya or any variation of Orange online for the foreseeable future!!  No MORANGE!


  1. I ordered some "Neon Coral" ballet-flat style shoes because i love coral right now, and i love easy flat shoes. When i got them in the mail they were straight up Orange. very very Orange thankfully there was free return shipping. you just never know what to expect! no morange for me either! actually i do like that dark orange...

    1. Ha ha! I will have to put "Neon Coral" on the "No MOrange" list!


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