Friday, October 4, 2013

Coat Progress: The Book is Closed

The book is closed: there is no more 'tailoring' to do!

I made my decisions on inserting the lining. I chose to sew the lining sleeves to the coat lining, sew that into the coat by machine and do all of the hems by hand.  That seemed like the best way to control the outcome and make sure my hems were the right length.  I added piping along the facing which looks pretty snazzy.

So what's left?  ONLY the hems and buttonholes and buttons!  Check out the buttons I found:

They don't look so purple in real life, more like a soft black.  The pink is just perfect!  I had chosen some black buttons and was walking down the button aisle when I saw these and knew they were the ones!

I won't be doing bound buttonholes.  I'll do some tests to see how machine sewn buttonholes look, and if I don't like them, I will try hand worked ones.  

I am in the home stretch!  Yay!


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