Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Race Against a Power Outage: December Garment of the Month

Right now, there is a nasty winter storm heading my way with forecasts of 1/2" of ice accumulation by tomorrow.  In my neck of the woods, that means we are likely to lose power anytime soon.  My plan for today is to race against an impending power outage and make Simplicity 1810.

I recently bought some Hawaiian print fabric from in order to make my husband some Hawaiian shirts.  He actually requested that I make him some for an upcoming vacation!  One of the prints I ordered turned out to be a little bold for his taste so I have acquired it for my own use.  Here it is :)

 The clock is ticking!  Gotta go sew!


  1. Oh.. I hope the ice missed you and you got to sew , as long as you wish.. I live in Ms. They were predicting the ice for us too.. We were just on the line.. and thank God it missed us..

  2. Great fabric! Just an fyi...The Hawaiian shirts sold to the locals are actually the wrong side of the fabric to give it a muted effect, so if you were to sew it with the fabric face on the inside, he'd fit right in with the locals...

  3. Hi, good luck with your race against the elements...

  4. Hi Meigan, are you continuing in the Make a Garment a Month Challenge next year? I've set up a dedicated blog, so if you are continuing, please send me an email - so I can add you.


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