Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Power Stayed on and I have my December Garment of the Month!

All of my worries about a power outage on Sunday were for naught.  The power stayed on and I made a dress!

This was my pattern, Simplicity 1810:

It's a pullover dress with waist ties that are cleverly sewn into the back dart.  I thought the ties as drafted were pretty short so I made my ties very long (60"+) so that I could wrap them around me one and a half times and tie them in front.  I made View B and lengthened it 3" so it would hit me a the knee.  I am pretty short, so this dress is very short!  I made a size Medium and graded out to a Large at the hip which was probably unnecessary seeing how full the skirt is.

Since I was racing against the clock, I figured that I should really push my luck and make my own bias tape for the armholes.  I was very pleased that the armholes don't gap and are perfect for a sleeveless dress.  It was a very easy dress to make and I'm looking forward to wearing it on my upcoming warm-weather vacation.

[weeks pass...]

So I didn't get a chance to wear my dress on vacation.  Sometimes you are so tired by the end of a trip that it's much wiser to order room service than to force the family out for one last dinner where you could wear your new dress.  As a result, my only photos of my tropical dress are in the not-so-tropical location of my sewing room. 

I have decided not to stress out about finished garment photos taken on my dress form rather than on me.  As Barbara at Sewing on the Edge so eloquently put it, I'm a sewing blogger, not an aspiring fashion blogger.  What matters most to me is the sewing, not the styling, so I'm not going to put off posting my garment photos just because I haven't had the chance to take photos with my tripod and remote. 

Here's a close-up of the neckline, where you can see the yoke and pleats at the front. 

I really like this dress, and I can't wait to be in some warm weather where I can finally wear it out!


  1. I agree that it's pretty and I love the fabric!

    1. Thank you! My husband rejected it as being too bold for a shirt for him. His loss!

  2. That turned out very nicely - the fabric looks good in that style.

  3. P.s. Meigan, from January post your plans and finished garments directly onto the challenge blog - Happy New Year...

  4. Love your dress, very pretty! So jealous your power stayed on!! Ours was off for 4 days and it was down to -18degrees C outside. Kitty wrote a log, Star Trek style on the blog that is pretty amusing if you want to read about it. :) Happy New Year!


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