Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Review

2013 was a pretty great year.  I made 79 garments this year, and a good number were for other people.  I'm actually surprised at how unselfish my sewing was this year.  Here are the stats:

Total items sewn: 79
Coats: 2
Dresses: 12
Pants: 6
Shorts: 4
Skirts: 11
Swim: 17
Tops: 27

Items sewn for:
Me: 53
My Girls: 32
My husband: 2 (this was a record!!)
Friends: 3 (all swimwear)

And the breakdown of garments:
Coats:  2
Dresses:  12
Pants:  6
Shorts:  4
Skirts:  11
Swim:  17
Tops:  27

Tops and Swimwear were the big winners this year coming in at 56% of my total items sewn!  Crazy!!

And now my 5 Favorites:

#1 Pink Coat: 54 hours love and attention created the best item of 2013

2.  Jalie 3023 Tankini Swimsuit.  My first attempt at making swimwear was so successful, I couldn't stop making swimsuits, I made 17 this year!


3.  Jeans!!  Jalie 2908.  I have made 3 pairs and love love love them (even if the expression on my face isn't convincing)!!

4.  Vogue 8390 wrap top.  It fits, it flatters, I love it.

5. Kwik Sew 3341: Denim skirt with attached shorts underneath.   While not flashy in any way, they were comfortable and I wore them very often all summer long.

So how well did I fulfill my 2013 Resolutions?

1.  Finish my  3 4 Craftsy Courses: Pant Fitting Techniques, Sewing with Knits, the Couture Dress, and The Sewing Studio
Not great.   I made a little progress on the Sewing with Knits class, but that's about it.  I'll put this back on the Resolution list for this year.  What's worse is that I bought 2 more Craftsy classes when they were on sale: The Classic Tailored Shirt, and Sewing Designer Jeans. 
2.  Make Pants (that's the American definition of the word, not the British!)nbsp; Check!!
I made 3 pairs of JEANS! 

3.  Blog More.  Check.  63 posts this year which was up from 46 posts in 2012.

4.  Use more of my patterns and resist those super pattern sales at JoAnns/Hancock Fabrics. 
OK.  I'm not sure I really used many of my existing patterns, but I definitely resisted the big pattern sales.  I also made better choices when purchasing patterns and sewing the patterns shortly after purchasing them.

5.  Learn to knit something more difficult than a scarf.  Check!  I did knit a few scarves, but I also tried out circular needles and made a few hats.  :)

So what's on the horizon for 2014?

1.  Work my way through my 6 (oof) Craftsy courses.

2.  Sew a tailored shirt, which should be easier after watching the Craftsy class.  I would like to make some dress shirts for my husband, and they would need to be as perfect as possible.

3.  Make trousers and more jeans!

4.  On a non-sewing note, I plan on getting rid of all of the baby stuff I still have in my house.  Car seats, crib, swing etc.  It all needs to go. 

2013 was a good year, and I'm hoping that 2014 will follow suit.  Bring on the New Year! 


  1. WOW!! You were incredibly busy! Your wardrobe of 2013 is fantastic. I love the wrap top ;)

  2. You have had a very productive sewing year. That coat was definitely worth all the time and effort you put into it. I think you will love the shirt making class with Pam Howard. She has a lovely teaching style and this class certainly gave me the confidence to make button up shirts. Looking forward to following you in 2014.

  3. Nice output! Those jeans are awesome-sauce as my daughter would say!!

  4. You had a great sewing year! (I especially love the coat!) Here's to another great year!


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