Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Cow, a Coconut, a Canadian, and a Dressform

When I pictured myself going out to buy a dressform, I never thought I'd have this scene from Goodfellas, (when Karen gets scared that she's going to be whacked) running through my mind.

Nor would I have expected my shopping buddy to turn to me and say in all seriousness "We're going to get mugged, aren't we?" Well, I guess I never factored India into my dressform buying picture.  No, I didn't get mugged, and yes, I did get a really cool dressform (and stand) for very little money.  3800 Rupees to be exact = $76 USD.  We had to walk down an alley, down another smaller alley (hence the Goodfellas scene coming to mind) up 4 flights of very dodgy, spit covered stairs and finally (and thankfully) into a room full of boxes and mannequins.

They produced 2 dressforms for us in our sizes and I must say they are beauties!  Now I just need to pad the booty to make her shape more like mine :)

This is my girlfriend Nancy heading back to the car with her dressform posing with a friend we met along the way:
A Cow, a Coconut, a Canadian, and a dressform
As I've said before, there is never a dull moment here in India and always something to see. 

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