Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today my big plans were to spend the day by myself, at home, and sew, and maybe watch some TV while cutting things out.  My husband suggested that I spend the day doing "nothing" including sewing.  Ha...that's as silly as me saying to him "oh, you have a day to yourself with no obligations...why don't you NOT golf."  Ha!

So I finished hemming my Simplicity 4149 red skirt.  I finished cutting out New Look 6913, got it all assembled. Was ready to sew the neck facing to the outside of the top and ...Whammo!  CLUNK..WHIRR...SNAP!  My machine broke!  The needle stopped moving....Whaaaaa Whaaa...Then I thought..."OH NOOOOooo!  I have 2 Halloween Costumes to Finish"  ACK!.

I sent my machine off with my driver to try to get it repaired.  With the language barrier and my desire not to leave the house today, he got the job alone today.  He found a shop that could repair it, BUT...with the upcoming Diwali holidays, they are busy and won't be able to fix it until October 31st.  But once they start, it should only take 2 days to repair.  At least they were upfront and honest about that.  I would have been livid if my machine had sat around a dusty shop for 10 days before being looked at.  I guess I will be thankful for that.

On a happy note, one friend just bought a new machine and as chance has it is leaving for vacation tonight, so she was kind enough to loan me her (brand) new machine!  Thanks K!  :)

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