Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Progress

Right now I have a lot of things in progress.  First and the closest to being done is Simplicity 2638 using a saree and the blouse piece as a contrast waist.  This poor dress has been waiting for me to get my mojo turned on and just sew the darn zipper in already!   I don't even need to hem this thing!  The problem is that the bodice was a little big, and I realized it a little late, AND I didn't take the whole thing apart to fix it properly...NO!, I tried to scoot around the issue and plow ahead.  ( I will decide how bad of a decision that was once I finish the dress and put it on).
Outlook on finishing: maybe by Christmas

2nd thing in progress: a self drafted, tiered skirt for my eldest daughter.  This is going to be a birthday present, so it needs to be finished by next weekend.
Outlook on finishing:  Optimistic.

3rd item is only in the preparation stage.  It will be Butterick 4957: a See and Sew, V neck dress with flared skirt and sash.   Fabric and lining is washed and dried (air dried- I don't have a dryer here).  Pattern is out and ironed.  I plan on wearing this to the expat community's White Christmas Ball, in which the dress code is white.  I cannot think of a more boring theme for a Christmas party.  Two years ago they had the same White Christmas Ball and I rebelled and wore a sparkly white top and red pants.  We are in India...colors are everywhere...Why WHITE???  Can you tell I'm very irritated about wearing white to a the evening?  Afternoon tea party...sure, but nighttime fancy dinner...white is all wrong.  Once I get this simple white dress sewn up, I will further rebel against the all white theme and make a red sash to wear with the dress.  OR, maybe I could find some gold lame and have my sash match my shoes!  Hmm...the hamster wheel in my brain is spinning full tilt right now.
Outlook on finishing before December 10th:  Likely, but only if I ever start it.

Anyhoo...time to get cutting, the Ball is 11 days away!

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