Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tania Culottes: A Perfect Match

While browsing through my stash I discovered an unexpected surprise.  One of the block printed cottons I bought in India was a perfect match to the leaf green knit I used to make my Jalie 2566 cardigan.  Look!

The fabric must have been really inexpensive because I bought 4 meters of it.  Since I had so much, I could make a fabric hog like the Megan Nielsen Tania Culottes.

I made this pattern once before and loved the result:
Original Post

I made an XL an added 3" to the hem length just like last time.  It was a quick sew, I hung it up for 2 days before hemming and it was done!

Since it is essentially a circle skirt, it's very swishy!



  1. Super cute!!! I think this is the first time I've seen a finished one in cotton-- it looks like it is just as drape-y and happy.

  2. Inspiring!. I might need to make a pair of coulottes. Haven't made any in a few years.

    Sue C

  3. Very cute culottes. The fabric has the perfect drape and they suit you beautifully. Nice match with your cardigan too.


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