Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me Made May: Days 20-28

We are nearing the home stretch in Me-Made-May 2013.  I have seen outfit collages on other blogs and realized what a good idea it is.  (It's sad that it took me 28 days to do this)

Day 20: Red Simplicity 2594 cowl neck top (unblogged).
Day 21: not pictured but I wore my brown Vogue 8390
Day 22: New Look 6920 (unblogged and not my favorite top-the straps are a little narrow for me)
Day 23:  Orange Sorbetto
Day 24: V neck Simplicity 2594
Day 25: Vogue 8536 (I didn't leave the house this day, but spent time working on my daughter's Jalie 3134 swimsuit)
Day 26: Purple Renfrew (again)
Day 27: White Sorbetto
Day 28: New Look 6913: I still love the fabric, but I'm not so crazy about the style on me

I have lots and lots of tops.  I also have lots of me-made skirts, but...not so many places to wear them.  In honor of the last week of MMM13, I pledge to wear at least one skirt/dress before the end of the month.  


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