Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Circle Skirt from Saree and Sorbetto #4

A few months ago I went on a little fabric overload shopping trip.  I bought 3 polyester crepe sarees to chop up and use.  In the shop, I thought this saree was a wedgewood/periwinkle blue and beige pattern. When I first saw it in natural light, I was very disappointed: the beige was actually celery green.  :(

The funky paisley part at the end is the pallu: the fancy end of the saree which falls over the shoulder

In the end, the blue color won me over and I decided to make another version of New Look 6899.  This time I made the circle skirt since I had plenty of fabric and circle skirts are notorious fabric hogs.  Prior to hemming, I let the skirt hang for at least a week and it was a wise move.  The parts on the bias stretched over 4"!!  I enlisted a friend to help me mark the hem.  The saree fabric has great drape, is very floaty, and absolutely does not wrinkle!!  See:

When the skirt was on the cutting table, I needed to figure out what top to make to go with it. I downloaded a new wrap top pattern, but after a major muslin "oops", I put that aside and decided to bring out the old standby: the Sorbetto. It is made from a rayon-poly blend called "Busy Lizzie". After 4 versions of the same top, there's not much to say. However, now that I look at these photos, I see weird wrinkles from the boobs diagonally down to the side seams.  Odd.  Am I standing up too straight?  Are my darts too short (I did shorten them)  Any insights about that one? 

Here is the final ensemble:
and a closeup of the fabric:

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  1. Love your Sorbetto's - I am also a huge fan of this little top and just love whipping up new ones...


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