Monday, September 3, 2012

Sewing Room Reveal!

I've been back in the US for 4 months now, and finally feel like my sewing room (aka the guest room) is really my space.  Thankfully I was already happy with the paint color and could start by simply rearranging the furniture to give me more open space.  I painted a small laminate drawer unit and an old microwave cart bright turquoise, gave them new hardware and I am now using them to store patterns and muslin fabric.  The old end tables are now stacked on top of one another to the right of my sewing table.  This is temporary until I find a more suitable shelving unit, but for now it's fine.  Without further!!

As you enter from the Hallway
To the left: cutting table, Vacation photos, Dressform and repainted drawer unit holding patterns 

Workstation! Note the New SERGER!  & Paris Posters hanging above

Grandma T's old dresser holding thread, supplies, and fabric.
Grandma M's painting hanging on the wall

There are a few noteworthy items shown in this room.  There are good reminders of both of my grandmothers as well as good reminders of some of my travels.  The dresser in the above photo originally belonged to my Grandma T as well as the upcycled microwave cart.  The painting above the dresser was painted my my Grandma M. (that's her in the small photo on the dresser holding my then 10 week old eldest daughter).  The blue dress hanging on the closet door is one I made for Grandma M.  She lives in Arizona most of the year and when I saw her in July, she commented that she can't find cool, comfortable dresses that she I made that one for her.  I'll be shipping it to her tomorrow.

Above my sewing table are 2 posters of Paris which I bought there in November 2010, and had framed in India.  Above the cutting table are 3 photos I took in Virgin Gorda (British Virgin Islands), Sandy Cay (BVI), and then the Kauai Hyatt Resort where we went on our Honeymoon.

On the microwave cart are glass vases from Goodwill that I filled with sand, shells, and coral that I collected in the Maldives last December.  On the right are are star shaped drink stirrers made from coconut shells which were too cute to leave.

I made the headboard several years ago and had enough fabric left over to whip up some new sewing machine covers!  The Serger cover isn't great, but it does the job. :)

Last but not least, I was browsing in World Market and found this metal sign:
Normally, I don't like the signs I see around like "DREAM" or "Keep Calm and Carry On" and other silliness, but this one spoke to me.  As someone who struggles off and on with depression it seemed like words to live by.  And I love my new sewing space so it was perfect!!

Sewing posts are on their way!

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