Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MMM Days 7-14 and Me Made Mother's Day!

Tuesday May 7th:
I wore something I hadn't worn in ages.  It was my Simplicity 2703 Threads collection top (unblogged).  It was one of the first things I made once I started up sewing again. My brain and body were searching for things in the closet that weren't tee shirts to wear to (another) doctor's appointment.  I tried on 2 blouses, neither of which I should even keep.  My Vogue 8747 is really too small through the bust and my New Look 6894 is really too low cut to wear anywhere.  I'm tempted to give the Vogue 8747 to a friend and for the NL 6894, I may snip the buttons off and then toss the rest.  But then I found this little orange tank and knew it would work with a black cardigan. This was my 2nd PatternReview ever!  The fact that I wore this proves that MMM has some great benefits: it forces you not only to wear things you have made but makes you look at items in different ways and find reasons to wear them.   I never would have worn this if I wasn't actively looking for something me-made to wear, and I would never have thought to wear it with jeans!

Wednesday May 8th:  My first Sewaholic Renfrew:

I made this from a purple burnout knit from  I didn't know what "burnout knit" meant, but now I'll know what to expect.  The design is not printed on the fabric but it burned out of it leaving thinner and transparent parts of the fabric which create the design.  I was disappointed when I received this (last summer) and used it to make a wearable muslin for my first Renfrew.  Wouldn't you know it...I really like the fabric.  Yes, I must wear a beige bra with it because it is see through, but it's different and interesting.  The only mistake I made was that I forgot to wash and dry the fabric before cutting it out.  Doh!  So I'm a little scared...I will be washing it in cold water and air drying it.  (I hope I don't forget!!)  

Note to self: brush your hair before taking photos.  

Thursday May 9th:  Purple New Look 6407 (love this pattern btw).  Strangely enough I think this blouse looks better now than it did when I first made it.  I think I have lost some weight around the middle and it just fits better.  The pants are Me made as well!  Woo Hoo for full outfits!!  They are and my (modified to become front fly) New Look 6789 (unblogged).  These are not the best pants in the world.  They look good from behind, but there's a lot of issues in the front.  The main issue is that they are too snug across the front of the thigh, and that creates all kinds of crotch wrinkles (boy I hope I don't get increased site traffic from that phrase).  But this was my first attempt at really altering a pattern, and I'm still proud of the results.       

Friday May 10th: I wore my striped Simplicity 4149 skirt aka the "What was she thinking skirt".  If you ever make this pattern I do NOT recommend using a diagonal print fabric.

Saturday May 11th was a day off.  I had softball games followed by a ladies golf tournament then dinner at the local Chinese restaurant all of which left no opportunity for any me-mades.

Sunday May 12th:  The Me Made Mother's Day Trifecta
From left to right, there is Simplicity 2437 for my youngest, Simplicity 3588  in white eyelet for First Communion (original version blogged here), and my pink linen Simplicity 2588.  A Triple Me-Made on Mother's Day!  

Monday May 13th:  No photo from that day but this is the top I wore:  Butterick 5354.  It was once again unseasonably cold and required long sleeves.

Tuesday May 14:  Purple Renfrew (again) and Purple lined Jacket: Simplicity 2638.  Wow, I have a lot of purple!!

So that's it for now!

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